BRC TEAM celebrated heritage day in style on Friday. We were embracing different cultures and backgrounds.

What a fun and beautiful celebration for the team .

Our heritage our pride.

BRC CARES – We are genuinely concerned about our employee`s success and wellbeing.







08 September 2023 Cleaning Campaign

• The campaign took place on Friday, 08 September 2023 in Zamdela.
• The primary objective of this campaign was to advocate for a clean environment that fosters healthy living.
• Additionally, the campaign aimed at raising awareness within the community about the hazardous consequences of illegal dumping.
• The location chosen was in Ward 12 .
• The area target is situated right next to a community soccer field and a church. The litter posed a risk of disease and injury to the community, especially the children who play in that area daily.
• This area was chosen because it serves as a meeting area for the community and its state greatly affected the quality of the experience of the community members.

Sasol Techno X event

si What a beautiful moment for the Boitjhorisong team to bring back home the Community Outreach Champion Award from the Sasol Techno X awards event. This shows that the team works hard in achieving our mission and objectives.  WE ARE VERY PROUD OF OUR STEM, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT & CARRER GUIDANCE and ENVIROMENTAL TEAM…