Providing youth development through various initiatives within the community. STEM Development

  • account_balanceHigher Education Support
    To support students through higher learning institutions to access qualifications in Maths, Science and education related field
  • biotechMaths and Science Support
    Provide Digital support in terms of e-learning and other digital means to Metsimaholo schools for effective results.
  • precision_manufacturingMobile and Science Experiments
    Expose learners to practical enquiry and scientific experiments as advocated by CAPS. Prescribed science experiments and WOW shows.
  • engineeringOlympiads and STEM Competitions
    Facilitation of STEM competitions to Metsimaholo schools to promote the application of scientific knowledge and skills to problems in innovative ways. Problem solving and creative thinking.
  • cableSchool Scientific Projects
    To help in the development of young scientists by exposing them to research techniques, scientific thoughts, and procedures.