BRC supports the national imperative to deliver students that will be successful in contributing to the economy as well as being responsible civil citizens.

The Boitjhorisong Resource Centre (BRC) is a Mathematics, Science and Technology Resource Centre located in the Metsimaholo Municipality in the Fezile Dabi District of Northern Free State Registered as Vaal Education Trust, the centre was incepted in 1991 as an adult education centre and MST school support. The core focus of the organization was then streamlined towards becoming a resource centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology in 2010, and serve to “establish the Fezile Dabi district as a region of educational excellence in South Africa”. Thus BRC is said to continually ‘act as a catalyst for change and innovation in the community’.


Boitjhorisong Resource Centre responds to these challenges by contributing to enable quality outputs in science and mathematics education by providing relevant programmes for school-going learners and out of school youth. It is fully aligned with the Free State Department of Education’s mandate and is widely acknowledged as an important partner in the delivery of quality education in the District.


It renders comprehensive support to 42 schools in the Metsimaholo Local Municipality impacting more than 36 563 learners. Limited support is also rendered to 186 schools in the greater Fezi Dabi District as well as 47 schools in the Ngwathe District impacting an additional 33 493 learners.


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